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I'm not good at the whole about me thing. My name is Brooke, from California. I make things and do stuff. I go to art school. Here is my school blog: brookeelizabethjacobovitz.tumblr.com


50s dresses.

p 23/07/2014
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I know it’s never going to work out, but I can still have my fun anyway, right?

l 23/07/2014


heard some non-savory comments from my family about my dear ball python so i was inspired to make some little psa’s about snakes!!! they are our scaly friends do not harm noodles
—> buy here as stickers or w/e you want!! also if you wanna use it on your blog feel free but pls credit me thank u \m/

p 22/07/2014
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True porn

(Source: BuzzFeed)

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under communism there are no sugar mamas or daddies, but everyone is the sugar comrade of everyone else

l 22/07/2014
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“If I’m gonna be anything the thing I’m gonna be is a bad ass.”

- Teddy Roosevelt (According to Drunk History)  (via pinevalleylove)
; 22/07/2014
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